Niger River Crocodile
Who wants to go for a swim in Mali’s Niger River?
22 foot, 2500 pound croc surrounded by its previous Niger River food source

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Putting a face to custom alloy wheels
Gumby Wheel
When only the best will do for tourists
Genuine Fake Watches
What kind of pun-e ship would you sail on?
For those who feel and taste their wine
Insect Wine Glass
Would you like to add this to your daily commute?
Driving in Bolivia
Watch for a couch potato in the cycling lane
Office Bike
Latest Word Search Puzzle: Retro Cross #16
Word Search Puzzles
Everyday Exotic in the Middle East
Saudi Exotic Cuisine
Ever had to make ends meet while you stretch for your next meal?
Heavy Meal Deal
Coping with job stress
Chair Spin Day
Some playground equipment didn't pass safety inspection
Playground Mistakes
How I ground my kids
You Are Grounded
Standoff at the African watering hole
Serengeti Tug of War
Putting the 'air' in Jethro's aerodynamic bike
Turbo Bike
Why be too tired when you can be three tired?
Tire Trike
Premium emergency assistance for English golfers
Ambulance Caddy
Imodium Podium: why some athletes didn't make it to the podium
Fast Food in Beijing
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