2012 Stanley Cup Survey
Who do you think will win the Stanley Cup this year?

Select the NHL team that you think will win the 2012 Stanley Cup
by clicking on your team’s thumbnail image below.
Final survey results will be posted on the day following the playoffs.
Good luck to your team!

Eastern Conference Teams - 2012 Stanley Cup

#1 New York
51-24-3-4 - 109
Eliminated 3rd Round
by New Jersey Devils

#2 Boston
49-29-1-3 - 102
Eliminated 1st Round
by Washington Capitals

#3 Florida
38-26-7-11 - 94
Eliminated 1st Round
by New Jersey Devils

#4 Pittsburgh
51-25-3-3 - 108
Eliminated 1st Round
by Philadelphia Flyers

#5 Philadelphia
47-26-2-7 - 103
Eliminated 2nd Round
by New Jersey Devils

#6 New Jersey
48-28-2-4 - 102
Eliminated in Stanley Cup (4th Round)
to Los Angeles Kings on June 11, 2012

#7 Washington
42-32-5-3 - 92
Eliminated 2nd Round
by New York Rangers

#8 Ottawa
41-31-6-4 - 92
Eliminated 1st Round
by New York Rangers

Western Conference Teams - 2012 Stanley Cup

#1 Vancouver
51-22-2-7 - 111
Eliminated 1st Round
by Los Angeles Kings

#2 St. Louis
49-22-1-10 - 109
Eliminated 2nd Round
by Los Angeles Kings

#3 Phoenix
42-27-3-10 - 97
Eliminated 3rd Round
by Los Angeles Kings

#4 Nashville
48-26-3-5 - 104
Eliminated 2nd Round
by Phoenix Coyotes

#5 Detroit
Red Wings
48-28-3-3 - 102
Eliminated 1st Round
by Nashville Predators

#6 Chicago
45-26-4-7 - 101
Eliminated 1st Round
by Phoenix Coyotes

#7 San Jose
43-29-5-5 - 96
Eliminated 1st Round
by St. Louis Blues

#8 Los Angeles
40-27-6-9 - 95
Won Stanley Cup (4th Round)
vs New Jersey Devils on June 11, 2012

Final Standings on last day of 2011/12 Regular NHL Season (April 7, 2012)
NB: These surveys require Microsoft PowerPoint

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