Be Careful at the Beach  (900k)

How to disappear in a really big hurry!
Last beach walk for this fellow in Patagonia, Argentina
Classic case of a person being in the wrong place at the wrong time

This guy was walking into the water, not even ankle deep,
and two killer whales snatched him.
No blood. No guts. No mess. Just gone!
He happened to be waving at a friend who was taking a video of him,
but it became his last wave ever...
Just suppose that his friend had not been filming at that moment,
or had not been looking in that direction.
The young man was totally gone in just a matter of a few seconds.
Except for this incredible video, he would have been gone
without even a trace, never to be found by family or friends.

His first clue should have been the seal pup that was coming to shore...

see also  Bizarre  &  Killer Whale  Sections

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